Our bloodlines are very important we must be one of the only kennels with such a strong self whelping line and it is important that the gene pool gets out into other kennels so they do not have to c-section their bitches for them to give birth.
We have a number of strong active healthy girls from that self whelping line to breed from this year.
Please note we do not supply dogs to puppy farmers or back yard breeders.
We want our self whelping pups to go to show exhibitor kennels or they go as pets with endorsements on them not for breeding or export.

We never advertise our dogs you will never find one of our dogs on the dreadful websites such as Epupz , preloved or papers such as loot, Friday add etc.

We care about our dogs and where they go to.
Litters are planned this year

We have the CH Iron Lady daughter to breed from and another very closely bred to her , those pups will not be sold as pets.
We have the fantastic ladies Voodoo, Patsy and Trinity all the fastest runners in our kennel and very strong self whelping line and sister to Ch Hillplace Florence of Bullfleet, we love this bloodline.
We have Maid of Iron mother of two lovely show bitches to breed from.
We will have pups available this year but not yet.

If you are interested in one of our pups you would have to book in advance, we do want to know lots about you, you would have to be at home to look after the dog and have a garden and we keep a life long interest in the dog
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