Hillplace Voodoo Dolly who is very healthy and comes from very strong self whelping lines

Hillplace Macey she has done well at shows and shall return to the ring in 2013
Hillplace Miranda at 7 months old grandaughter of Ch Hillplace Iron Lady
Hillplace Miranda
Hillplace Lay Lady lay daughter of Ch Hillplace Iron Lady x Edition of Luxe kepi Blanc

Well another year draws to an end.
Bulldog Holidays had its busiest year ever and kept us all working 7 days a week all summer long and most of the winter too. All year round we try to make improvements to the kennels and surrounding area and are very pleased with what we have managed to do this year, all looking very pretty with decking, water features etc .

Xmas holiday Bulldog Holidays is fully booked and we look forward to seeing bulldogs that come year after year.
Hillplace Lay Lady Lay was shown from one end of UK to the other and has done us proud a little star she is to show .
We bred 4 litters 2 litters were self whelped , the 2 that did not most certainly gave it a good go and both did give birth but due to veterinary reasons were not able to carry on but we will try again with them next year as both are quite capable of self whelping .

Hillplace Gretal had her 2nd litter and self whelped and Hillplace Trinity gave us 7 live self whelped pups.
We kept 3 puppies this year Hillplace Miranda the last UK daughter of Edition of Luxe Kepi Blanc out of our Hillplace Ugly Betty and Hillplace Kingston and Hillplace Olivia both dark brindles both by Hillplace Iron Man out of Hillplace Trinity.

We are very pleased with the health of the Hillplace dogs and their self whelping ability but we are always looking to improve . It has been wonderful to see some of our dogs that we bred and sold in the ring winning and also their descendants who carry on the good health and conformation .
Buying a Healthy bulldog puppy

Bulldog Holidays are very busy please book early as we do not like to turn anyone down

Bulldog rescue have a review page on boarding kennels if your bulldog has stayed with us and you would like to write a review on Bulldog holidays.
Hillplace Kingston at 16 weeks old self whelped son of Hillplace Trinity and Hillplace Iron Man. Kingston will stay here as a show dog and will be at stud when he is older. A very healthy active puppy with no health issues.
Hillplace Miranda at 5 months

Hillplace Lay Lady Lay

Hillplace Lay Lady Lay at the London Bulldog Society show

Hillplace What Ho at Quilatera winning his class at the London Bulldog Society show


Hillplace What Ho at Quilatera owned by Amy Ayres winning in the ring at 6 months
Hillplace Lay Lady Lay 1st puppy bitch and Best Puppy in breed at Darlington judge breed specailist Mr David McHale ( Kelloe bulldogs )

Birmingham judge Mrs M Wildman
PB (7) 1 Taylor’s Hillplace Lay Lady Lay, r/w of 10 months, super little girl with so much about her to like, beautiful head with very wide square skull, small neat ears were set high & wide & had dark expressive eyes that were set low down in skull & in a straight line with her stop, cheeks well developed & had a good thrust & upsweep of lower jaw resulting in a lovely layback of foreface, fabulous chin & perfect lip to lip placement, clean shoulders nicely tacked-on, heavy set low slung body, big ribs, nice roach & excellent rearquarters, stood on good legs & feet & looked at me right, showed well, moved beautifully, one for the future no doubt;

Maria is now on the A3 judging list.

This one is Ch Hillplace Iron lady at the junior bulldog centenary show in the CHAMPIONS CONTEST This little girl is almost seven years old but still held her own in the ring and was runner up champion in this very important event. We are so proud of her, this day marked her retirement from the show ring she went in style .

Hillplace Lay Lady Lay wins puppy bitch at SOE championship show. Photo by Steve Williams

Hillplace has 3 puppies for sale both were bred for good health and were self whelped
Lottie she is brindle and white a very funny little lady, always in the middle of what ever is going on. She will make a very special family pet. Lottie was born 26/7/12 and is ready to go to a lovely home where some is in all day to love her.

Desmond is red and white and a very loving kind boy , no trouble at all he just wanders round doing his own thing. Desmond is brother to Lottie and again bred for good health he will make a lovely pet for someone who is at home during the day to look after him.

Duke is a very striking red brindle boy very flashy he was born 9/6/12 , he walks on a lead and is a joy to have around again bred for good health a real looker this boy is. Duke wants a home where someone is in all day to see to his every needs.

We were so proud to be awarded this by Bulldog Rescue

For a lovely bulldog day out see below Brighton bulldog walk

Hillplace Lay Lady Lay wins puppy bitch and best puppy bitch at City of Birmingham championship show
judge Mrs M Wildman
Hillplace Lay Lady Lay wins puppy bitch and best puppy bitch at Welsh Kennel Club Championship show
Judge breed specialist Maria Harding

Welsh KC
PB. 1. Taylor's Hillplace Lay Lady Lay, 10 months, pleasing head & expression, good sweep of underjaw, big nose, open nostrils, correct ears, cobby, good depth of brisket & front well tacked on, bang on tailset, moved & handled well. - Maria Harding

Our new baby

Hillplace Miranda making herself cosy at home

Hillplace Iron Duke
 by Edition of Luxe Kepi Blanc out of Hillplace Ugly Betty who has very famous parentage ( Ch Hillplace Iron Lady 17 CC`s and Iceglint I`m Harry 52 CC`s ) born 9/6/12

Cholto Revolution
by Editon of Luxe kepi Blanc out of Hillplace Ironic wins minor puppy bitch and Best Puppy Bitch in breed at 6 months old at her 2nd ever show owned and bred by our friends Ann & Rob Waters

Hillplace Lay Lady Lay
wins puppy bitch at Leeds Championship show judge breed specialist Sue Rowe

Hillplace Miranda naf
at 5 weeks old
Dam Hillplace Ugly Betty ( Ch Hillplace Iron lady 17 cc`s x Ch Iceglint I`m Harry 52cc`s )

Sire Edition of Luxe Kepi Blanc who has world champion on both sides of his pedigree


‎1st Taylor's Hillplace Lay Lady Lay.
9 months, another lovely puppy, r/w standard, nice head, fine wrinkle, good width and depth of jaw, good dark eyes, good bone, compact body, moved well.
Hillplace Isabella
sired by Edition of Luxe Kepi Blanc out of Hillplace Ugly Betty at 5 weeks old

Hillplace Trinity self whelped 8 puppies , 7 surviving 5 boys and 2 girls .
We are so proud of her , well done Trinny


The recent seminar run by the Junior Bulldog Club featuring a talk on HUU and two video`s on bulldogs self whelping given by us. This was a very good seminar it was refreshing to see these subjects brought up by the club and I know everyone really enjoyed it. Well done the Junior.

BULLDOG RESCUE PICNIC 1/9/12 STARTS AT 12 NOON AT MIDHURST, SUSSEX Please come along and support bulldog rescue it is a first class day out one of our favorites. We shall be there be lovely to see as many old friends and new friends as possible.

Hillplace Lay Lady Lay ( Layla ) wins Best Puppy at the Charlwood village fun show
( Oh the stress, I know it was only a fun show )

HILLPLACE LAY LADY LAY wins mpb at Windsor ch show we are blown away with this little girl she is so much like her famous mother Ch Hillplace iron Lady.

1 Taylor's Hillplace Lay Lady Lay, r/w, very typy & sound baby in good coat & condition, stands on good front & rear, quality head with nice expression, very nice correct body shape, moved both soundly & true;

In those dreadful Internet sites such as epupz etc there are so called ( breeders ) selling white bulldogs with blue eyes, black and tan bulldogs , black bulldogs, lilac bulldogs.

These colours are not desirable in the breed, in years gone by these pups were given away without papers.

People are being ripped off for thousands and thousands of pounds for pups that are the incorrect colour and should not be bred or bred from.

People are told they are rare, good breeders do not breed these and do not stand black and tan , black or any other undesirable colour at stud.

Hillplace Man of Iron has done us proud as a sire in Australia, here is one of his sons

Aust Ch Karazma All In The Game Sire Hillplace Man Of Iron ( Imp UK ) Dam Aust Ch Karazma Tuff N Up

An outstanding son of Hillplace Lady Marmalade Bullyack The Commador in Australia owned and bred by Mark & Bronwen

Hillplace Lady Marmalade who was exported to Australia her youngstock are doing so well. Her daughter Bullyack Cuddle pie

Our friend Amy Ayres is winning regularly with
 Hillplace Temptation of Quilatera

Hillplace What Ho now lives with Amy Ayres
and is winning in the ring already ( well fancy dress anyway )

Hillplace Ugly Betty daughter of Ch Hillplace iron lady 17 CC`s and Iceglint I`m harry 52 CC`s has given birth to 2 girls and 1 boy pup.
The sire is Edition of uxe Kepi Blanc who has world ch Draco Malfoy on both sides of his pedigree.
We hope to keep two of these pups and we have a home for the other.

On the 16th of May Edition of Luxe Kepi Blanc returned home to Spain, Alfred phoned me when he arrived and Alfred was so happy to have his dog back , we chatted and talked of the future. And then Alfred said He and his very much loved dog was going to the swimming pool for the afternoon.

We could believe the next day our friend Alfred was killed in a motorbike accident. The bulldog breed had lost one of its finest breeders RIP Alfred Lobry Sautier so pleased to of met you and your bulldogs we hope our puppies continue your good work and make you proud.

Introducing the Hillplace Girls

Hillplace Lay Lady Lay at 6 months her first show Plymouth Devon & Cornwall she won Best Puppy in Show under breed specialist Rhonda Bennett. We have very high hopes for this little girl

Hillplace Ugly Betty 2 year old daughter of
CH Hillplace Iron Lady & Ch Iceglint I`m Harry her parents
 have 69 CC`s between them, don`t think there is another bulldog in the world who has two parents that
have won so much.

Hillplace Gretal is looking for a foster home, only people we know please and on the understanding Gretal is a very important person and needs to be completely doted on.
Hillplace Goodwill is for sale to very , very good pet home. To people we know only. He is no longer for breeding and does not like shows so just loving pet home. He lives in our kennel and we wish him to enjoy family life


Our puppies are now sold to loving new homes.

BULLDOG RESCUE & REHOMING - Breeder Newsletter (20/04/2012)
Hi R and M Taylor

Periodically we would like to keep you up to date with the goings on here at Bulldog Rescue, I hope you don't mind.

Bulldog Rescue would like to thank you for your continued support and ask for your help.

With more and more bulldogs being bred, more and more bulldogs are bypassing the breed rescue system, some are going into all breed shelters, some go to other bullbreed rescues and some simply end up as adverts on ePupz. This is causing us to worry, not just because we may not know if something you have bred that is registered with us is rehomed, but also that some of the smaller so called "specialist" rescues are not where we would like to see these dogs end up, many of these dogs are ending up in totally unsuitable homes and there's nothing we can do about it.

A bulldog that recently went into Battersea was rehomed in less than 24 hours and since the restructure at Battersea Dogs Home Bulldog Rescue no longer have the option to take them and to be honest we are are not even told about them unless a member of the public alerts us to them via their web site.

We find it difficult to understand how a dog can be placed so quickly because
a) they have given themselves not time to get to know the dog and
b) with no specialist breed knowledge how can we be sure there selection of home is suitable.

As a supporter of our back to breeder scheme we are asking you to help us spread the word about your breed rescue. Many breeders still assume they will never need us, but sadly people's circumstances do change and many many dogs are sold/rehomed in the first 5 years due to family breakdowns, divorces, new baby's, change of work hours.

Some people just never keep in touch with their breeder and we do feel that should the worst happen that people are aware there is a breed rescue; surley it's better for the bulldog to be sent either to us or rehomed via us as opposed to being sent to an RSPCA center or to a small unqualified on line rescue.

We suggest that you include the contact details of the Breed Rescue in your sales contracts, mention that there is an arrangement with us to have your dogs returned to you and that in the event they are unable to contact you for whatever reason that we can act on your behalf. People still claim they didn't know there was a Bulldog Rescue and we are having to watch many many bulldogs end up in rehoming systems that really are not qualified to take them.

Thank you again for your support

Hillplace What Ho a male puppy by Edition of Luxe kepi Blanc out of Hillplace Lil Miss dob 28/2/12 .
We hope Whattie will be our new stud and show dog when he is old enough

Ralph is judging at Crystal Palace Canine Association on 22/4/12

As from 21/4/12 Hillplace is able to offer a microchip service at £15.00 per dog. All of our dogs are micro chipped, we hear so many horror stories of bulldogs being stolen or lost at least, if they are chipped they stand a chance of being returned to you.
Ralph is the microchip installer and is happy to do any breed of dog.

Edition Of Luxe Kepi Blanc is returning home and is no longer available at stud here. We have loved him dearly and are very grateful to Alfred for allowing him to stay as long as he did. We are going to miss him so much.

Bulldog Holidays is going to close for a few weeks in November so we can get away on holiday, our first for over 7 years.

We got so cross with people saying bulldogs can`t breathe , can`t run, can`t self whelp that we thought of a web site, to show that there are a huge amount of bulldogs that live life to the full.

A big thank you to everyone that sent in pictures and videos they were amazing and Ewa yet again made an excellent web site to show them on. Huge thank you to Ewa.


We are pleased to announce illplace Gretal self whelped her litter on 26/2/12. We have 2 little girls both will be HUU clear, we did battle with these 2 young ladies but all doing well now a red & white and a pied and as cute as cute.

We also had another litter born on 28/2/12 Hillplace Lil Miss Sunshine we have 4 big strapping boys 2 of these boys will be available to SHOW homes and we are sure someone is going to have some fun with them . They are red and fawn and white and big boned strong attractive boys.

Bulldog Holidays is fully booked from 30/3/12 until 14/4/12 and July and August are getting very busy too.
Hillplace Bulldogs supports and has given to Exhibitors choice and voice and wants to give a huge thank you to those that set it up and those that support it.

This was set up after the dreadful situation at Crufts where 4 very healthy dogs failed the vet check for the group judging those 4 dogs were rechecked by independent vets and passed.
Edition of Luxe Kepi Blanc who is staying at Hillplace he is proving to be an excellent sire . Be very sad day when he returns to Spain.

Edition of Luxe Kepi Blanc at Crufts 2012

Hillplace Macey and me exchanging kisses at Crufts

CH Hillplace Iron Lady at 6 years old

CH Hillplace Iron Lady at 6 years old
Photos D. Randall

We have two lovely fit , healthy bitches due to whelp end of Feb both are the same breeding as the outstanding champion Ch Hillplace Iron Lady.

These bitches are Hillplace Gretal & Hillplace Lil Miss Sunshine both have self whelped in the past and we have everything crossed that they may again.

The sire is the outstanding Spanish boy Edition Of Luxe Kepi Blanc who has been staying with us we can personally vouch for his good health and super character , he has never been sick sorry or lame and we really like him and his puppies he has sired.

Hillplace lady of Iron
Daughter of CH Hillplace Iron lady & EOL Kepi Blanc

Hillplace Lay Lady Lay
Daughter of CH Hillplace Iron Lady & EOL Kepi Blanc, almost 4 months old

Hillplace Macey at 11 months old By Hillplace Goodwill out of Hillplace Maid of Iron.
Macey is being shown and is adored by me.

Hillplace Bunty at six months old by Hillplace Iron man out of Hillplace Golly as always bred to be fit and healthy

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