Some of the beautiful ladies at Hillplace

Hillplace Macey wins a huge minor puppy bitch class at the British Bulldog club judge Bill Roberts

We would like to congratulate Hillplace Temptation
and Amy her owner on qualifying for Crufts with Macey`s litter sister
The Bulldog Club Inc Open show 26.11.2011
Judge: Mr Paul Seal  [ Sealaville]

Hillplace Maid of Iron 1st Graduate Bitch
Our little secret is out Ch Hillplace Iron lady had puppies here are the pics of the two baby girls at 5 weeks.
The sire is Edition of Luxe Kepi Blanc.
Both girls are staying with us.

East Midlands Bulldog Club judged by Maria Taylor
Hillplace Goodwill is available at stud to show exhibitors HUU clear bitches.
He currently has 5 pups out in the ring all doing very well.
Hillplace Todd Best Puppy Bath & Western Bulldog Show
Hillplace Macey Best Overall puppy Bath & West Puppy Comp at just 6 months and one day old
Hillplace princess La La Prize winning
Hillplace Temptation Winning Best Puppy
Hillplace Ironwill Prize winning
We shall be using him again as we are very pleased with his stock.
Hillplace Macey at her 2nd show winning 2nd minor puppy bitch.
Photo by Chris Raleka Bamber
Hillplace Patsy litter sister to the newly crowed CH Hillplace Florence of Bullfleet

Hillplace Todd got 1st puppy dog and Best Puppy in Show at the Bath & West Bulldog show

Hillplace Macey
at 6 months and one day, wins and becomes best puppy at the Bath & West Bulldog club special puppy competition

Hillplace Macey

at 6 months and one day, wins and becomes best puppy at the Bath & West BC special puppy competition

Hillplace Voodoo Dolly had a very rare day out at the Bath & West Bulldog show and we were very proud of her

Hillplace Princess La La wins 2nd at Darlington Ch show and the next day 1st puppy bitch at Bath & West Bulldog show

Darlington Champ show

Hillplace Florence of Bullfleet wins her 3rd CC making her a champion and then got group 4. Everyone is over the moon. Well done Tiff , Heidi & Tony

Photo :Anth & Lynne Jimalfbulldogs
Ch Hillplace Iron Lady looking as good as ever
Our new girl Bunty by Hillplace Iron man out of Hillplace Golly.
Bunty will be joining our show team once old enough

We are currently building more kennels for our guests here is a partly finished one

Edtion of Luxe kepi Blanc owned by Alfred wins 1st Open dog at SKC
Edition of Luxe Kepi Blanc owned by Alfred Lobry Sautier

Kepi Blanc is staying at Hillplace to be shown and is available at stud.
Hillplace Bagaloo
Hillplace Bagaloo self whelped 25/3/11

By Hillplace Iron man out of Hillplace Voodoo Dolly.

Bagherra as she is known at home is staying at Hillplace
Puppy News!
Hillplace Golly has had a puppy born 16/7/11 4 days overdue! A little girl who is brindle and white her sire is Hillplace iron man we hope she has the virtues of both of her parents , she will be staying at Hillplace.
We shall be breeding from some of our Hillplace Bitches later this year.
We have very healthy, fit, active, HUU clear that live long lives and can run like greyhounds.
There are different types of people breeding bulldogs ...
There are people like us that live and breath bulldogs all day 365 days of the year, we help run bulldog shows, are on a bulldog committee, we show our dogs to the highest standard and regularly win at the top. Our dogs live between 10 to 13 years , they are exercised daily to keep them in shape and healthy.
We are very successful self whelping our bulldogs rather than c-sectioning them to give birth. We are at home nearly all of the time looking after our dogs from getting up in the morning to going to bed.
Bulldogs are our life ,distance is no object to travel to use a stud dog if it is considered suitable for the bitch our prime object is to breed the healthiest and most perfect puppies not over done or with faults.
All of our breeding bulldogs have been tested for HUU ( urate crystals ) you can have clear of the gene or carrier ( has one gene but will not produce an affected unless mated to another carrier ) or affected these dogs are affected with the gene on both side.
We are only one of a handful of kennels testing and have become very alarmed at the amount of dogs that are coming up as carriers and if that dog is mated to a carrier then a problem arises.
So all tested here so we never come up with it again. Any money that is left after raising our litters go`s back into improving our facilities for the dogs and in showing and promoting our dogs.
We spend many weekends showing our dogs and have been very successful because the dogs are as near as perfect and as healthy as we can get them.
We do not breed fat , lazy, crippled dogs that are full of faults , and if we do by accident produce a dog with a fault then it is sold cheaply or fostered with the owner knowing fully what is wrong or it stays here, we do not pass it on as perfect.
Our dogs have a fun life their temperaments are very kind but we do like them to have a spark and feel many of ours would try and bait a bull just for fun, if only they could find one ! .
We do not advertise our dogs in free papers or web sites where pups are sold, and do not normally export, people come to us by recommendation we are fussy where our babies go and if your not suitable you will not get one from us, we do not sell dogs to be bred from unless you are a show exhibitor.
We keep a life long interest in our dogs and their welfare any problems we want to know and when the time go's to say goodbye to that dog in old age we are as upset as the owner.
Or the other type of breeder....

He has bought some bitches cheap off Epupz or some other dreadful web site, he has his mate clubbed their money together and their going to make some dosh selling puppies.
He knows a mate in the pub that has a bulldog he has a pretty spot on his head so that will be the sire of the pups. Bitches mated he books them for a c-section his wife will take a few days off work to look after the pups.

Pups are put on the puppy selling website as soon as and he is taking deposits and planning his holiday and new car that the pups are buying for him, he is not keeping a puppy he just wants the money no care is put in on the suitability of the sire or dam ,no health checks, no knowledge , no back up, he can`t give you any advice because he doesn't know anything about the breed..
This is the vast amount of people breeding bulldogs and this is what you will find when trawling those sites.

Hillplace Bulldogs healthy and fit!

Edition of Luxe Kepi Blanc
owned by Mr Alfred Lobry Sautier has come to stay at Hillplace.
We are overjoyed to have him and look forward to showing him, he will be available at stud at a straight fee.

A really nice standard size healthy dog to bring new bloodlines into the country.
We shall be mating some of the Hillplace girls to him.

We are grateful to Alfred for allowing him to stay with us.
A lovely strong puppy is looking for an understanding pet home
where someone is at home to look after him.
Please view our puppy page or more info >>
Bulldog Holidays is fully booked June, July & most of August.
Please book early to get in !
DNA TESTED CLEAR HUU Ch Hillplace Iron Lady
Hillplace Princess La La
Hillplace Trinity
Hillplace Patsy
Hillplace Ugly Betty
Hillplace Bang Bang
Hillplace Voodoo Dolly
Hillplace Golly
Hillplace Gretal
Hillplace Iconic
Wins her 2nd CC
Mr & Mrs Dangerfield `s Hillplace Florence of Bullfleet wins her 2nd CC and BIS out of 186 entries at Birmingham & Midland counties bulldog club.

Judge Brenda Price
Hillplace Todd at his first show he was so well behaved.
This little lad may be for sale to suitable show home , we are not keen to export him as we would love to see him in the UK
SHE`S BACK ! Ch Hillplace Iron Lady is back in the ring looking absolutely stunning


Hillplace Princess La La ( Prinny ) at her first ever show she behaved well when she was in the ring and dreadfully out of it !

Squeaky 2/9/04 - 24/5/11
RIP our little poppet not known for breeding or showing as she was not right from birth but kept by us as our garden dog , well known by all of our Bulldog Holiday visitors as she demanded their love and attention.
Very sadly life caught up with her

Hillplace Macey DOB 15/3/11 by Hillplace Goodwill out of Hillplace Maid Of Iron this sweet little baby is staying at Hillplace  

Just a few of Hillplace Goodwill X Hillplace Maid of Iron`s beautiful babies

Hillplace puppy dog DOB 15/3/11
By Hillplace Goodwill Dam Hillplace Maid of Iron

Hillplace Iron man wins Res. Best Dog at the Junior bulldog club show.
12.04.2011 Bulldog holidays ® is now trade marked.

Hillplace Maid of Iron with her 7 puppies born 15/3/11.

Some of these puppies will be for sale to loving homes

Hillplace Mandy in her lovely new home being trained for the show ring

Hillplace Todd son of Hillplace Goodwill and Hillplace iron Oxide born 18/11/10
This gloriously strong dog may be for sale to the right home.

Hillplace Goodfella self whelped son of Hillplace Goodwill and Hillplace Lil Miss Sunshine, born 25/1/11
introducing a new girl

Hillplace Princess La La .

Niece of Ch Hillplace Iron Lady By Hillplace Goodwill out of Hillplace iron Oxide at 4 months she will be our next show bitch , we are so pleased with her.
Crufts We wish all our friends at Crufts the very best of luck!

We wish Hillplace Florence of Bullfleet,
Hillplace Ironic of Cholto and Hillplace Captain Scarlet

the very best of luck we shall be thinking of you.

We will not be at Crufts this year we have had the outstanding Champion bitch Hillplace Iron Lady terribly ill this week with pyometra, a life threating infection she has been saved thank goodness and has not had to be spayed.
We have been heartbroken for her but she is on the mend and will live to fight another day. The shock and horror of seeing this dear little girl be so ill shall stay with us forever.
Hillplace Maid of Iron is due to whelp in the next few days she was mated to Hillplace Goodwill and is huge !
Ralph judged The South Of England Bulldog Club.

Photo by Hong Chin

2 little boy pups self whelped by Hillplace Lil Miss born 25/1/11 sire Hillplace Goodwill.

We have 2 lovely girl puppies by Hillplace Goodwill out of the lovely bitch Hillplace Iron Oxide who is the same breeding as the outstanding legend CH Hillplace Iron Lady.
These little girls will be an asset to a kennels who want that bloodline. We are very fussy were they go and want the best possible homes for them.

A video of Hillplace Mandy and Hillplace Ooh La La can be seen on our Puppies for sale page.
MALLY's 14th rcc
CH Hillplace Iron Lady wins RCC at Manchester Championship show .

Judge Les Lund.
Hillplace Lil Miss self whelpes  her litter 25/1/11.

2 lovely little boys.

We are so proud in the last 15 months we have self whelped 4 litters from our bulldogs.

Please fellow breeders and vets don`t say they can`t self whelp, trouble is you don`t try. Video available on our Media page >>.
Hillplace Puppies born 18/11/10
Hillplace Florence of Fullfleet owned by Mr & Mrs Dangerfield wins her first 1CC at just 101/2 months old at the London Bulldog Society Championship show.
Judge Sonia Davis.
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