Lovely strong dog puppy for sale to the right home.

He is by Hillplace Goodwill ,he comes from a very strong self whelping line
( very important even more now due to rule changes been made by the kennel club ) his dam is Hillplace iron Oxide who is the same breeding as Ch Hillplace Iron lady.
Sure this pup will be an asset as a stud dog no one else apart from us has this line.
One of our new girls by Hillplace Goodwill out of Hillplace Iron Oxide ( sister to the great Ch Hillplace Iron lady ).
This little baby will be in the ring in the summer

As the year draws to an end, time to reflect...
Bulldog holidays has been very busy with so many bulldogs that now use us, many coming back several times a year. Bulldogs coming from as far as Torquay, Norfolk, Yorkshire, Manchester and Oxford. These dogs have been a delight to look after we truly believe we have the best job in the world.
We get very attached to our holiday girls and boys and are so happy to meet up with them from time to time. It is interesting that very few of these dogs are unhealthy most run around like loonies, all but 2 or 3 have the kindest temperaments. The summer was spent with the dog sun loungers and a shallow paddling pool with the girls and boys basking in the sun ( lucky buggers ). We had a few long staying guests and really wanted to keep them forever ! Nearly all of the dogs settle in well we do have one or two that protest but soon settle, there is always plenty going on around here to keep them occupied.
We finished the year with a bang with our dear Iron lady winning BOS at Bulldog of the Year for her 3rd time.
We are taking a break from showing for a while, while we breed some of our girls.
Our self whelping line
Hillplace Goodwill
Hillplace Golly
Hillplace Voodoo
Hillplace Gretal
Hillplace Bang Bang
Hillplace Patsy
Hillplace Trinity
is being crossed with our non self whelping line and vice versa. We must be the only bulldog kennel in England with so many self whelped at stud ..
We are very pleased with the health of our dogs and aim to get nearly all self whelping in time. We have babies in the nest now and are very pleased with them, 2 little girls shall be staying and we are very excited to show them when old enough. We hope to have quite a few more litters to choose some more show stock from.
I have a nice lady who wants to remain nameless that helps once a week and she has proved to be very talented at training puppies to stand and has took control of many that I had given up on as un trainable !
We have taken back 4 of our dogs this year.
We had Squeeky who was not quite right when she was born many years ago, we had a lovely foster home for her that took very good care of her but a change of circumstances meant she had to come back, we were happy to see her again and she is back to ruling the roost and telling everyone what to do !
Eloise lived with Ralph`s mum and was spoilt rotten but with Ralph`s mum`s ill health and dear Eloise`s health also quite a concern she has come home so she can have treatment when ever needed. Dear Connie Taylor she is a little twerp her owners found her quite a challenge and she was destructive and a change of circumstances saw her return, I was thrilled I always had a soft spot for her ! Connie does not do outside, she is an indoor girl and will scream like a banshee if you try and put her in the paddocks or kennels. But I will say she has never made a mess or touched a thing since she came back, she just likes to jump on show dogs and make me mad. I hope when our son Ryan settles in a suitable home she can move in with him as she adores him.
Smartie came as a complete surprise in what appeared to be a loving home for a few years we then got an email saying she was to been sold to recoup their investment ! Well a long story and a lot of bad things said about her temperament. Smartie came home and was quite delightful and the kindest dog ever, we found her a very knowledgeable home, when they came to meet her she bought her bone and allowed John ( who is a large man ) to take it off her and hold it while she had a chomb this was the dog that disliked men ! Smartie has settled in very well and we are so pleased John & Jo took her for what she is, a lovely little girl , she made me cry when she left it was a pleasure to of helped her out in her time of need. We have met such lovely people in the breed at shows and it is a pleasure to spend the day with them.
We are unbelievably still trying to move to a bigger place , we have the property , the buyer, we are up and so keen and willing can we get the damn mortgage ! Well never say never we are not beaten yet . While we were busy being occupied trying to move our Hillplace flag has been flown by lovely people that bought pups from us.
Mr & Mrs Brett`s Hillplace Benjamin Button who not only keeps them entertained by his mad antics but has proved himself as an impressive show dog winning Best Puppy dog first time out.
Mr & Mrs Dangerfield`s Hillplace Florence, Heidi managed to persuade us to sell her in a moment of madness. This little girl will be a super star, not all judges have seen it yet but if they can`t see it we can`t be held responsible for them !
Mr & Mrs Graham`s Hillplace Millie is out there showing and has a Best Puppy too. Interesting all three of above were self whelped, we are very proud of them and wish them lots of success.

Hillplace bulldogs donated £300 in 2010 between Bulldog rescue, Canine supporters and show sponsorship.

BOS BULLDOG OF THE YEAR 2010 Ch Hillplace Iron lady wins
In the last 4 years she has won BOS BULLDOG OF THE YEAR 2008 , 2007 & RBB 2009.

What a show record , what a girl, a legend...

Please note BULLDOG HOLIDAYS is fully booked for Xmas.
HILLPLACE GOODWILL Hillplace Goodwill`s first 2 litters are born and are looking very promising.
Hillplace Millie owned by Janet Graham wins her first Best Puppy in breed
Bred by us
Hillplace Tickedy Boo

owned by Tina & Andrew Hatchman
Maria judged Bulldog Club of Scotland
BIS Taybull for your pleasure JW

RBIS Tyneamite Jack Flash

BP Sweetfeet Boy Wonder
Hillplace Florence at Bullfleet Hillplace Florence at Bullfleet owned by Heidi Dangerfield continues her winning ways winning BPIS at the London Bulldog Society judge Tania Wilton.

Best Bitch and Best Opp Sex in show at Plymouth , Devon & Cornwall Judge Sara Lamont.
Ch Hillplace Iron Lady wins her 17th RCC at the Junior Bulldog Club.

Judge Maria Harding.
Ch Hillplace Iron Lady prepares to hand over the world famous Kamel Trophy to the next worthy winner.
10/10/10 The Londong bulldog society show,
Hillplace does the double whammy by winning the Puppy dog & Puppy bitch.
Hillplace Florence at Bullfleet wins BPB & BPIS.
Both were shown by their owners we are so proud
of them.
Hillplace Benjamin Button wins puppy dog and is BPD.
This was his first ever show and he and his owners had just 10 minutes practice.
Hillplace Iron Man wins Limit dog

05/10/2010 Hillplace Smartie has come home to Hillplace , she was once it appears a loved family pet but her owners then decided to try and get their money back by selling her on Epupz , which is a green flag to those evil people out there that just want a bulldog bitch to breed from to make money.
After 4 days of heartbreak and a lot of help from friends she is back with us safe.
Smartie came with a reputation of being scared and timid , we have found her to be delightful she has never stopped wagging her tail since she got here.
Once we have some flesh on her skinny frame we may look for a suitable home but are very wary once bitten twice as shy.
Hillplace Florence at Bullfleet

Ch Hillplace Iron Lady wins her 17th CC at East Midlands Championship show under judge Mrs Sonia Saxon.
Hillplace Florence at Bullfleet

BPIS at South of England Championship show

judge Mr A Darmanin.
Hillplace bulldogs will be at The Bulldog rescue picnic on 4/9/10.
We will be very pleased to meet our old and new bulldog friends and will be so happy to catch up with some of our bulldog holiday bulldogs that we have loved and adored over the years.
Please come and support bulldog rescue.
read more....

CH Hillplace Iron lady wins open bitch Windsor 2010.

We have been very busy here with holiday bulldogs.
Please note please book early to avoid disappointment.
We will be back in the show ring very soon and are looking forward to catching up with all of our bulldog friends
27/04/2010 2 new girls have joined the Hillplace Younsters Team!

Hillplace Trinity and Hillplace Patsy.

Please visit our Dogs page for more details >>>
15/02/2010 Glory Bee self whelped her babies!
4 girls & one boy , that was the 4th recent litter born at Hillplace and the 3rd self whelped.
Early days yet but all are doing well , Ralph videoed the births so that will hopefully be on the web site soon.

In  January Sky tv filmed the Healthy Hillplace bulldogs at play and they were shown on the news channel every hour throughout the day.
We received rave reviews as the dogs are so active & healthy.

Visit our Media page to view the video >>
This enchanting young bitch pup must be one of the best bred in England.

By the Top Winning bulldog of 2009 Ch Iceglint I`m Harry out of The top winning bulldog bitch of 2009 Ch Hillplace Iron Lady.
This little girl puppy is staying at Hillplace.
She is by the outstanding & top winning bulldog Ch Iceglint I`m Harry out of the self whelping bitch Hillplace Gretal, who is sister to the other outstanding & top winning female bulldog Ch Hillplace Iron Lady.
Hopefully she shall join our show team when she is old enough.
Ch Hillplace Iron Lady gives birth to two big strapping bitches.
One looks particularly outstanding these girls will stay at Hillplace and will not be for sale. Mally had to have an emergency c-section due to a pup been badly presented and blocking the way. This was very traumatic for us as Mally is a very much loved pet but we had no choice.
Having self whelped many bitches we would never pre elect a c-section if people could see the difference between a self whelped mother & her puppies then neither would they.
current show team

We are not doing many shows in the first part of the year but will be out with Mally, Iron Man, Candy Man, Maid, & in April 2010, Goodwill will make his debut.
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