A good year and on a personal side a heartbreaking, difficult year was 2009.
top winning bulldog bitch 2009 In dog world our CH HILLPLACE IRON LADY had an outstanding year taking her tally to 16 CC`s & 13 RCC`s making her the TOP WINNING BULLDOG BITCH OF 2009 not only was she in the ring for nearly 11 months but she managed to find time to be mated & get in whelp to that outstanding TOP WINNING BULLDOG CH ICEGLINT I`M HARRY.

 show team 2009

Our other dogs being shown in 2009 were the youngsters HILLPLACE MAID OF IRON, HILLPLACE THE CANDY MAN, HILLPLACE IRON MAN, HILLPLACE IRON AGE & HILLPLACE BOMBARDIER all have won in the ring and all look very promising.
show dogs bred by us
Our dogs bred by us but sold who have done very well are
Hillplace Ironic a well known show girl in the South and now a mum of a lovely litter well done Ann & Rob.  
Hillplace Captain Scarlet who started the year with a bang winning a RCC and a big winner all year long well done Naomi & Paul.
Our dearest Hillplace Tickedy Boo took her time coming out but is out now and won at her first show well done Tina & Andrew.
litters in 2009
Our girls that were mated and whelped in 2009 were HILLPLACE IRON MAIDEN TO ICEGLINT I`M EDWARD for her last ever litter she gave birth to 9 babies on 3/1/2009 8 surviving. These pups are the same breeding as CH HILLPLACE IRON LADY so far 4 have been kept HILLPLACE IRON MAN, HILLPLACE THE CANDY MAN, HILLPLACE LIL MISS SUNSHINE & HILLPLACE IRON AGE.  
HILLPLACE GOLLY was mated to the lovely CH MERRIVEEN TOUCH OF FROST, Golly became quite famous as she was videoed self whelping her two little boys, this was then put on youtube and can be seen on our web site. Her boys born 19/10/2009 HILLPLACE BENJAMIN BUTTON & HILLPLACE GOODWILL Benny button has a lovely home and it is hoped Goodwill may stay here as a show/stud dog.  
HILLPLACE GRETAL was mated to that outstanding dog CH ICEGLINT I`M HARRY. Gretal is the same breeding as CH HILLPLACE IRON LADY so quite exciting. Our Gretal also self whelped her litter on 17/12/09 & was videoed doing so. So in 2009 one c-section and two self whelped births, ( bulldog knockers please note ).  
GRETAL had 8 babies during the whelping it became obvious she had a problem as all the babies were very low birth weight & four were born dead, it was later confirmed by our vet that a previous infection had damaged her womb, it is hoped with further treatment she will be okay. The four puppies are doing well now , three girls & one boy.  
CH HILLPLACE IRON LADY herself was mated to CH ICEGLINT I`M HARRY both the top winning bulldogs of 2009 could there be a better match. In 2008 they stood side by side at BULLDOG OF THE YEAR HARRY BULLDOG OF THE YEAR AND IRON LADY BEST OPPOSITE SEX. Both have dominated the show ring in 2009.
stud dog team
Hillplace Iron Man & Hillplace The Candy Man have done their first matings and have received a lot of enquires.

2009 saw us at one show after another, we met some wonderful bulldog people, had great fun and enjoyed nearly every minute of it. We travelled the length and breadth of England, spent an absolute fortune.
Most of 2009 we have been searching for a good house and boarding kennels to purchase alas we are still searching.
Hillplace Goodwill 19/10/09
by CH Merriveen Touch of Frost X Hillplace Golly.
This delightful little lad will hopefully be joining our show team when he is bigger.
Will was self whelped & is a very good little boy, we are pleased with him.

res best bitch bulldog of the year 2009


CH Hillplace Iron Lady Res Best Bitch at
3rd year in a row she has been in the final 4
Hillplace Maid of Iron

is still doing well in the ring.
hillplace golly's diaries

Hillplace Golly self whelped two little boys on 19/10/09.
Golly's Diaries ( the story of the birth of her babies ) is online now!

To visit, please click here >>
the kamel trophy 2009 winner

CH Hillplace Iron Lady wins the Kamel Trophy !
bath & western bulldog club
Judge Mr D Tanner

Photo by standproud

Hillplace Iron Man wins first time!
South Of England Bulldog Show

Hillplace Iron Age wins first time out!
Judge Mr Les Aspin

Photo by Albertwood bulldogs

 CH Hillplace Iron Lady winning her 16th CC at Darlington
Richmond Championship show
judge Mr Booth (Hoptop Bulldogs)

Woo Hoo, CH Hillplace Iron Lady wins her 15 CC!

Judge's critique:

"Richmond ch show, Open bitch Ch Hillplace Iron Lady, What an absolutely beautiful lady, probably the best I have ever seen.
Oozes quality from head to tail & would be very hard to fault. The only fault that she has is that she does not belong to me.
Judge Mr Peter Booth."
29.08.2009 Scottish Kennel club Championship show judge Mrs S Roberts ( Iscraig )

 CH Hillplace Iron Lady wins her 14th CC
the girls are mated!
Hillplace Golly and Hillplace Voodoo Dolly have both been mated to the famous sire Ch Merriveen Touch of Frost.

Thanks to Bryan Stubberfield ( Unstopabull ) for taking such good care of them. Fingers crossed.

Hillplace bulldogs will be at the picnic
5th September 2009 West Sussex
Paignton championship show
judge Mr P Harding.

CH Hillplace iron Lady got the RCC
Hillplace Maid of Iron won MPB 
leeds championship show
Judge Mr C. Reed

CH Hillplace Iron Lady wins her 13th CC
Dog CC winner Ch & InCH Blackhope Brando.
Birmingham & Midlands Bulldog Club
Judge Sue Garside.

CH Hillplace Iron Lady BIS Bitch CC

Judge's critique
"OB 1- What a class! CC & BIS Ch Hillplace Iron Lady, what a gorgeous bitch she is, have liked her since I saw her as a minor puppy and indeed gave her the RCC last time I judged.
Like a good wine she improves with age, gorgeous head, flat skull, black eye, big nose, slightly heavy nose roll but certainly does not distract, lovely mouth with good upsweep giving super sour expression.
Strong straight bone, tight cat feet, nice neck, big ribs, lovely topline & body shape finished with a healthy tail, moved beautifully & showed like a dream, her owner/breeder must be delighted with her."

bos bulldog of the year 2008

CH Hillplace Iron lady getting
BOS BOY 2008 for the second year running!

10/5/09 Birmingham Ch Show 
Judge Mr R Wain

CH Hillplace Iron Lady wins RCC

15/5/9 The Scottish Kennel Club Ch Show
Judge Mr Williams
CH Hillplace Iron Lady wins RCC
25/5/09 Bath CH Show 
Judge Mr D Killilea

CH Hillplace Iron Lady wins her 11th CC

Jude's critique:

"OB (10,2) 1 Taylor’s Ch Hillplace Iron Lady, strong br/w who just demanded attention from the off, great quality head, lovely sweep of underjaw, correct roll, dark eye, good length & width of skull, strong neck, great front with super bone, straight front, tight feet, excellent body shape, in super hard condition, had a rear to die for which she could also use on the move.
CC with some to spare even in top competition & pushed the dog all the way in the challenge, what a great bitch to own.
1/2/09 Manchester Ch Show  Judge Mr Chris Bruton
 CH Hillplace Iron Lady Wins her 10th CC  

28/2/09 Bulldog Inc Ch Show 
judge Mr Glynn Payne

CH Hillplace Iron Lady Wins her 9 th CC

Judge's critique:
"Open bitch 1st Ch Hillplace Iron Lady. My notes say best class of the day. This was a class for of quality, healthy, fit, active bitches. At 3 years old this brindle & white bitch is in her prime.
I have always admired her and going over her I was not disappointed. Shown in tip top condition. She has an excellent head with beautiful fitting mouth giving a sour expression.
Clear dark eyes, correct ear placement. Good length of neck into a fantastic front assembly, massive ribcage and light hindquarters.
Moved soundly with drive , I was pleased to award her Bitch CC & BOS Judge Glynn Payne."

best puppy in match

Hillplace Maid of Iron wins best puppy in Match her first time ever at ringcraft

14/6/09 London Bulldog Society Open show 
Judge Mrs Cath Rodgers
Hillplace Bombardier Wins MPD & Best Dog Puppy
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