Midline Nobleman at Belire  †
Our dear Charlie Chop sticks came into our life when he was 18 months old.
Our friend Pat had heard he was for sale, he was a very good dog and so Pat took him on. When he arrived with Pat he was extremely stressed and so bad that he was rushed to the vets . The vets could find nothing wrong with him and felt it was all in his mind.
We took Charlie to become our new stud dog.
He was a strange lad all of his life he refused to come into the house, he would peep in but not pass the threshold.
He would not allow you to use a broom or be told off when he tried to breakout, he would get very angry, we never knew what had happened to him when he was young, and could only assume he must of been pushed very badly to make him behave like that.
When he had one of his moments we would leave him and then return minutes later to find him so upset he really tried to make it up to you. Charlie could not travel by car he got too stressed and towards the end of his life when the vet needed to see him, the vet had to come to him.
He gave us many fine pups all having his lovely large clear eyes his breeding is behind all of our dogs.
Charlie looked after his harem of girls very well and lived until he was ten and a half and died in my arms of a heart attack one very hot humid afternoon.
He was dearly loved and greatly respected .
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